Artisans Expo Took Place in Los Cabos

Artisans Expo took place in Los Cabos
  • 1st State Exposition of Producers and Artisans of Baja California Sur was held May 27th starting at 5:00 in the afternoon.

The event was attended by 75 producers at the Cultural Pavilion of the Republic of Cabo San Lucas.

In his speech, the mayor of Los Cabos indicated that the government he represents with human sense does not take away the opportunity to anyone, instead, opens the doors for work and that they can contribute to the economy of their families:

we have to support our artisans and producers, but above all, end a long-standing problem with street vendors; the important thing is not to remove them, but to find a solution to the problem and provide such spaces in an orderly manner…”

The intention of this 1st exhibition is not only to show the product in a stand, but to bring the artisans closer to the hotel and restaurant sector of the destination, so that they can make alliances that allow them to consolidate the producers as suppliers of the companies” – said the general director of Economic Development and Tourism in a previous press conference.

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