Banda MS Lead Singer Wedding In Cabos

Banda MS Lead Singer wedding In Los Cabos

The party was accompanied by Edén Muñoz, Natalia Jiménez, Los 2 de la S, Owaldo Silvas and Alan Ramírez, vocalists of Banda MS.

After 25 years of raising a family, Sergio Lizárraga, leader of Banda MS, remarried Judith Osuna, in a wedding where regional Mexican music shone on the seashore in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.

sergio lizarraga got married in cabos san lucas

The party kicked off with Mariachi Internacion CHG, the Mexican group that has accompanied Banda MS in their latest concerts.First they accompanied Oswaldo Silvas and Alan Ramirez, voices of the group from Mazatleca, they sang to their leader the song Lo mejor que me pasó, one of the band’s new singles.

The were followed by Edén Muñoz, who had everyone chanting along to songs like Siempre te voy a querer, Si te pudiera mentir, Cabrón y vago and his most recent hit A la antigüita, which has more than 48 million views on YouTube.

Brianda Lizárraga, daughter of the couple shared by social media pictures of the party woring an elegant green design that she wore with silver Louboutin shoes with crystals.

With information from Noroeste.

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