Indigenous and Afro-Mexican communities of BCS to have councilors

Indigenous and Afro-Mexican communities of BCS to have councilors

Congresswoman Eufrocina López Velasco will present to the legislature an initiative with a draft decree for the law of a specific seat reserved for indigenous and Afro-Mexican representation.

It establishes that in municipalities with up to 07% indigenous and Afro-Mexican population, one councilman will be appointed; while in municipalities where the indigenous population is greater than 7%, two councilmen will be appointed, and likewise in the same circumstances the Afro-Mexican population will be appointed.

“Indigenous peoples cannot be required to participate in politics through political parties, since this is a form of organization that is not their own. This means that they can participate through their own institutions and according to their values, uses, customs and forms of organization”, the bill reads.

Finally, it was noted that, at the state level, out of a population of 798,447 people (according to the 2020 Population and Housing Census), 14.54% of these are of indigenous or Afro-descendant origin.

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