Netflix Series Begins Filming in Santa Rosalia

Netflix Series Begins Filming in Santa Rosalia

The series will have local talent in its scenes, since most of the extras that will appear in the series will be of Southern Californian origin, after casting calls were held a few weeks ago for this purpose.

After it was announced that the municipality of Mulege would be the setting for the production of a new Netflix series, local media reported that this Monday, April 25, the installation of the production team began in Santa Rosalía; the staff would have occupied all the hotels in the city.

Almost ten trailers loaded with cameras, microphones, amplifiers and other film equipment were captured on the outskirts of Santa Rosalía, specifically on the road to Chaparrito.

In addition to the technical team, the personnel in charge of installing all the material for the filming of the series have reportedly begun to assemble the equipment in the area, and it is presumed that the site will be occupied for a few more weeks.

It is worth remembering that a couple of months ago the filming of the series called American Jesus was announced, with the Guerrero Negro salt plant as the main location, as well as the rest of the Southern Californian landscape, leaving an economic benefit of 25 million pesos in the town of Guerrero Negro.

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