Schools before COVID IN CABOS: How it was?

COVID IN CABOS How does it affect in schools

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) reported that more than 12,000 children between 6 and 14 years of age do not know how to read and write in our state.

The institute also released important figures on the academic education of the population in Baja California Sur, where 213,156 people over 3 years of age were in school on 2020.

As for the number of women taking classes, this is 49.7%, while among men the figure rises to 50.3%, all this according to data from the 2020 Population and Housing Census.

Regarding the educational level of the population over 3 years of age, 53.7% had basic education (preschool, primary, secondary and technical or commercial studies); 23% were in high school; 18.2% had higher education and 4.8% had no education.

As for the field of higher education, out of every 100 women, 27 studied careers related to business and administration, 20 to social sciences and law, while 17 opted for education.

As for men, out of every 100, 23 chose careers pertaining to management and business, 21 to engineering, manufacturing and construction, and 15 to social sciences and law.

With information from INEGI.

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