Shark Thank: Who is The New Mexican businessman to be part of?

Ernesto Coppel in Shark Thank

Sinaloa businessman, founder and president of Grupo Pueblo Bonito in Los Cabos, Ernesto Coppel Kelly, is one of the 4 “sharks” (entrepreneurs) that will be part of Shark Tank Mexico this 2022.

The popular entrepreneurship and business television program that gives participants the opportunity to present investment projects, will feature the developer of 4 important hotels in Cabo San Lucas, Pueblo Bonito Blanco, Rosé, Sunset Beach and Pacifica.

This seventh season, to be presented in 2022, will include the participation of entrepreneur Marcus Dantus, CEO of Startup Mexico; Alejandro Litchi, CEO of the jewelry group NICE; Alejandra Rios, CEO of Ambrosía; Ernesto Coppel, founder of Grupo Pueblo Bonito.

Likewise, businesswoman Marisa Lazo, founder and director of “Pastelerías Marisa”; Amaury Vergara, director of Grupo Omnilife and owner of the Guadalajara sports club; and Braulio Arsuaga, CEO of Grupo Presidente will also participate.

Coppel Kelly is one of the businessmen who promoted Mazatlan as a tourist destination and was a key player in the consolidation of timeshares in Mexico.

With information from Primero BCS.

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