Walmart to be built meters away from the Cabo San Lucas marina

Walmart to be built meters away from the Cabo San Lucas marina

A new Walmart store will be built in an area near the Cabo San Lucas Marina, the project will have an investment of 251.5 million pesos.

But first the Environmental Impact Assessment (MIA) submitted to the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) needs to be approved;

The project is intended to be built in the Marina Section neighborhood in Cabo San Lucas, which will be located in a “coastal plain, or coastal valley” behind the Bay, ruling out canyon walls, creek beds or creek crossings, according to the document.

The construction of the store is planned to last 6 months, with a start date of September 2021 and an estimated completion date of March 2022, which would allow it to begin operations in May 2022.

“The total duration of all stages considers 40 years and 8 months […] it is proposed to be developed in a single stage that includes the preparation of the site, construction of the warehouse for the sales floor, offices, service areas, parking for the public, platforms, maneuvering yard […] no future growth is contemplated,” he detailed.

On the other hand, it was reported that there will be an initial investment of 251.5 million pesos for construction and start-up; in addition, an estimated 800 customers per day are expected.

With information from BCS Noticias.

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