Black and Blue Winners – Bisbee’s Tournaments

  • The Bisbee’s Black & Blue Awards banquet was held on the A.P.I. Cruise Ship Pier in Cabo San Lucas on Saturday night, October 29, 2022.

EL MEXICANO team leaded by captain Adrian Ponce de leon took first place in the Black and Blue Bissbee’s 2022 competition after catching a 461-pound Blue Marlin.

Happy Ending team leaded by captain Dion Beckner took 2nd place after catching a 449-pound Black Marlin while Team RV Rental Housing leaded by captain Michael Ciardullo took 3rd place after catching a 344-pound Blue Marlin.

Black and Blue tournaments began last Wendsday morning, with more than 200 boats competing and more than $7 million dollars in prizes.